Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus (Grimoire)

This spell book, which appeared in Cologne in the 18th century, lists a variety of spells and charms. Its titular references to Albertus Magnus is wholly spurious, and "Egypt" refers to the Romani, rather than Egypt. The content is notably similar to The Long Lost Friend, which shares a number of spells, as well as a similar style of magic and incantation.

The three spells related to dreams (To Cause several kinds of Dreams, A Way to Cause Merry and Funny Dreams, and To Make Dark and Troublesome Dreams) are included as an appendix to the English language edition, and are copied from Giambattista della Porta's Magiae Naturalis.

This grimoire attributed to Albertus Magnus

The magical practices Pennsylvania Dutch Hoodoo draws upon this grimoire.

This grimoire excerpts the grimoires Magiae Naturalis Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus

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Publication of Magiae Naturalis (this grimoire excerpts Magiae Naturalis)




In this decade: Publication of The Book of Forbidden Magic (excerpts this grimoire)