Amaymon (Demon)

Amaymon is one of the four demon kings associated with the cardinal directions, along with Egyn (north), Oriens (east), and Paimon (west). Amaymon is generally associated with the direction south, although in Pseudomonarchia Daemonum he is listed as the king of the east.

From The Book of Oberon, Dan Harms edition:


Amaymon raigneth in the south, & all sprites in the south part of the world to him are obedient, his power is to give true answer of all things, & he giveth familiarity, dignity, & riches, & by Gods permission he hath power to consecrate books etc, he appeareth in favor of an old man having a long beard, & long hair hanging over his eyes, crowned with a bright crown, & rideth upon a rampaging lyon, & in his right hand he beareth a dart, before him commeth dancers & all manner of minstrels, he bringeth with him spirits innumerable of whom 12 of the most noblest are these that followeth but of all spirits in the world beware of him for he is very perilous.

The grouping Cardinal Demon Kings includes this demon.

The spell Goetia summoning ritual invokes this demon.

This demon is associated with the direction South

The grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon mentions this demon.

This demon requires the magic object Seal of Solomon

This demon rides the creature Lion

Amaymon and Egyn

Amaymon and Egyn source:

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